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American Cab Co is the Right Choice!

Are you planning to go somewhere? No matter where it is, transportation is essential. If you don’t own a vehicle, you may want to consider a private shuttle and still travel comfortably to your destination with American Cab Co.

We offer private shuttle services based in Brevard County, Florida, to surrounding cities. We also provide shuttles for Tampa and Orlando theme parks. You can always expect the best attention from our drivers. They are dedicated not only to taking you where you need to go but also to provide outstanding customer attention.

Perhaps you want to visit one of the tons of unique destinations in Florida, travel for work, require emergency travel, or just need a private shuttle. We are the company to call. Make your reservation today!

private shuttle

At American Cab Co we Offer Privacy & Reliability to All Our Clients!

We make the experience of riding with us a pleasant one so that you know there’s a dependable choice for a private shuttle service ready to assist you. We’ve already considered and covered the top demands for a superior private shuttle service because your satisfaction is what we keep in mind.

There are several reasons to pick your private shuttle service:

  • Naturally, safety is one of your number one concerns when traveling, which is why it’s our top priority. Both our vehicles and our drivers are licensed and insured to guarantee a secure shuttle.
  • Punctuality isn’t a luxury; it’s a must-have. While always putting safety first, you can let your worries about delays disappear when American Cab Co is in charge of your transportation. We’ll arrive on time so that you can do so as well!

We try to stay within a budget, especially when traveling. American Cab Co is proud to offer the best rates for our transportation services, and of course, for private shuttle services.

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Private Shuttle - Travel with ease

With American Cab Co, you can schedule and travel with ease. You put a time and a place, and we’ll be there, quickly.

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